Cyril in profile. Photo by Krista Niles Photo by Krista Niles

Singer, songwriter, troubadour - Cyril Barrett (formerly known as Larry) - passed away on September 1, 2014 and left behind a treasure trove of songs, family and friends. He was a private man, never much for the Internet, but we wanted a place where friends could find info about memorials, posted music and such.

"God above is a lonesome dove
And the world of man confirms."
- from Truth or Consequence

Cyril Barrett Compilation: The Banks of the Ship Canal

A compilation of some of Cyril's best songs sung by some of his best friends is now available on the Seattle-by-way-of-Tucson Heathen Call label. Featuring Laura Viers, Jesse Sykes, Howe Gelb and Joey Burns (Calexico) plus many others, this limited edition CD is available while supplies last. 75% of proceeds go to Cyril's favorite charity, No More Deaths.

You can buy this beautiful CD and tribute at the Heathen Call page.

If you are in Tucson, you can also find it at Exo Roast, Bon, and 5 Points Market.

Here are the tracks from the record and Cyril's friends who recorded them:

  1. Ceramic Bowl - Laura Veirs & Tucker Martine
  2. Where's The Plough - Brian Todd Collins & Naim Amor
  3. Like A Ring - Amy Rude & Doug Smith
  4. Just A Word - Jesse Sykes & Phillip Wandscher
  5. Jessie Harper - Earl Brooks
  6. Down The River - Joey Burns
  7. Ponies - Leila Lopez & Brian Green
  8. The Gentle Kind - Gabe Sullivan
  9. How The Grass Grew - Vicki Brown
  1. Trip To Merced - Aaron Gilmartin
  2. Whisper To Me Gently - Emily Marsh
  3. Sunset Hotel - Cristina Williams & Jamie Laboz
  4. Fairytale Delux - Howe Gelb
  5. Hand Silhouettes - James Fenimore Ikner
  6. Down At The Piano - The Possibles
  7. ICU - Lori & Kyle Goldston with Anne Marie Ruljancich
  8. Coyotes of Sasabe - Carlos Azarte & Ryan Alfred
  9. The Banks of the Ship Canal - Cyril Barrett & Paul Rigby




A listing of Cyril/Larry's albums: